Integraged IP access control management software

We can offer powerful and comprehensive access control features for large-sized organizations. SE(Standard Edition) version controls up to 512 access control devices with IP camera/NVR integration, anti-passback, muster zone, e-mail notification and visual map features.

Embedded web server

Web-based access control management software supporting up to 10 devices with one-door anti-passback. Simple user interface and synchronization with sub-devices make system operation easier than ever.

Interphone application

VideoPhone is a PC application which allows the operator to use the PC and the linked device as an interphone system. The application will allow the operator to see who is at the entry point and grant access if approved. It can support up to 8 different extensions within the “multi-operator” mode.


Inteligent Face Recognition Terminal

4.3” Touch Screen, PoE, WiFi, Video Phone, Embedded Web Server

High Performance Fingerprint IP Terminal

Face Detection Camera, 5” Touch Screen, PoE, WiFi, Video Phone, Embedded Web Server


Fusion Biometric IP Access Terminal

Face & Dual Finger Fusion, 5” Touch Screen, Tri-CPU, PoE, WiFi, SAM(SIM).

Full-featured Fingerprint IP Terminal

2.5”LCD, Intuitive GUI, TCP/IP, WiFi, RS485, Wiegand, USB Slot


Fingerprint IP Reader/Controller

TCP/IP, RS485, Wiegand, LED/Sound Indicator, UL294

Outdoor Fingerprint
IP Reader/Controller

IP65 Waterproof, IK08 Vandal-resistant TCP/IP, PoE, RS485


Outdoor Fingerprint IP Terminal

LCD(backlit), IP65 Waterproof, Illuminated Keypad, TCP/IP, Wiegand, RS485

Standalone Outdoor Fingerprint Terminal

LCD(backlit), IP65 Waterproof, Illuminated Keypad


Smart IP Access Terminal

3.5” Touch Screen, Face Detection, TCP/IP, RS485 Wiegand

Multi Smart Card Reading IP Reader

Multi Smartcard Reading, IP65 Waterproof, TCP/IP.


Smart IP Access Reader/Controller

IP65 Waterproof, Power over Etnernet, TCP/IP, RS485, Wiegand


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