• Communicate anytime, anywhere!
    • Access your office from anywhere you are.
    • listen to your voicemail from anywhere.
    • Connect your offices together, even if not in the same country, and act like it is in the same location.
    • Stay connected anywhere, anytime.
    • low cost invetement
    • low cost intaernational calls
    • low cost national calls.
    • and alot much more. <please click here>
    IP Telephony 

    we offers a wide range of SIP phones, guaranteeing you complete supplier independence. Choose among 40 models to best address your business requirements.

    Unified Messaging

    We can unify your message management, so you can consult all your messages regardless of your location or what terminal you are using. Voicemail, e-mail and fax are fully integrated within a single tool.


    We optimizes accessibility for mobile users via fixed-mobile convergence. Each user can opt to give out only his landline number.


    Our solution includes a desktop client with a full range of features to promote collaboration, including audio conference bridges and document sharing tools.




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