Provide true customer satisfaction!

  • Increase your responsiveness to customer requests.
  • Strengthen your brand image.
  • Achieve your objectives.


Interactive voice services

OneDID incorporates an IVR platform that can direct the caller according to his request. Access to business databases optimizes caller recognition, making your voice services dynamic and contextual.


Intelligent call routing

OneDID has a highly-refined call distribution system that capitalizes on skills management. Its waiting queues include interactive services such as reminder announcements during heavy traffic loads.


Monitoring and reporting

OneDID's interfaces, designed for the operational monitoring of your call center, allow you to monitor the platform's real-time activity and obtain exhaustive history statistics on call flow and agent performance.


Features for agents and supervisors

OneDID integrates CTI with the agent's workstation, allowing him to manage his call center tasks efficiently. It perfectly complements your business-specific applications, streamlining and enhancing customer interaction.



Multimedia contact centers

RTSIT completes its OneDID product line with Genesys dedicated multi-channel contact centers. As a certified integrator, we offer both comprehensive and made-to-measure integrated solutions that meet the high standards of customer relations and customer service applications



Unlimited Queues

  • Advanced contact centre features such as ACD agents, Hunt Groups and Call Queuing are a standard feature of VadaXchange
  • Queue announcements and skilled-based routing
  • Customisable music-on-hold for each queue
  • You can configure as many hunt groups or queues as required.

Call Recording

With full call recording, you can ensure permanent records of any important calls. Easy exporting and forwarding of recorded calls enables call quality control, archival, transcription and more.

Call Reporting

OneDID's powerful reporting engine allows you to see everything that happens on the system. Call reporting lets you monitor and report on every call – by extension, date range, call-centre queue, agent and much more.



The Wall Board can be displayed on an LCD or a Plasma screen for the whole office to see, or viewed from any PC.






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